Seniors (VPK)

4 years

Our mission is to prepare your child for kindergarten by promoting:

• Self Confidence: built through show and tell (the first from of public speaking)
• Completion of Task: applying WEE Learn Curriculum (encourages future study skills)
• Self-Control and Reaching Moral Autonomy: encouraging students to make good decisions and choices (developing character and integrity)

Our preschool graduates have a solid foundation for kindergarten through various areas of study. Key centers of discovery include:
• Language
• Circle Time
• Bible Study
• Creativity
• Art
• Blocks
• Dramatic Play
• Music
• Math Readiness
• Computer Readiness

Because young children thrive when they feel comfortable and secure, we follow a regular schedule each day. The schedule for our preschoolers has been carefully planned to give children a balance of self-and-teacher directed activities, life and social experiences.