We absolutely love this school and are so blessed to have them.

Nancy Gambill Greene

A Children’s Kastle is a great place for your kids to grow and learn.

Carol Perkins Weathersbee

They love your children as if they are their own.

Sara Hazuka

My daughter has attended the VPK program all year, 2007-2008. I am amazed at the things she is learning. I wouldnt be surprised if she was reading at the end of the year. Some of the things she is learning on top of the basics, my second grade son doesnt even know! She is like a little sponge and soaking up all the things they are giving her! Her teacher, Miss Lorrie, is amazing. She has a heart for these kids and also lots of patience. She has a way of really working with the kids and making them feel special. I highly recommend this vpk provider. The building is new and clean (I’ve never seen it dirty), and they are expanding with a rec area soon. They also teach bible verses in chapel once a wk, where they learn songs as well. I have never encountered any rude staff, and the young staff are only teacher’s aids. I’ve raved about it so much that I have a friend putting her daughter there next year!

Amazing Pre-School - 03/26/2008

My child attends A Children’s Kastle and has since the doors opened. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the school, staff and admin staff.I was given a policy book when my family enrolled and chose this school because of ethics.I haven’t been sorry.If you’re seeking a school that cares about children and education-you’ve found it. You won’t be sorry!

Happy Campers - 04/13/2008

A total blessing from GOD. My whole family has been blessed because of this school. Not only was my daughter reading as a senior, but I have learned skills from the experienced teachers which have made me a better parent. My experience at A Children’s Kastle is a complete 360 from my other experiences. I only regret not having had this opportunity for my older children.

Total Blessing - 07/23/2008

Happy Dad – 01/25/2010

I put my son through A Children’s Kastle and enjoyed every aspect of it. All the teachers and staff were attentive and took personal care for my child. If there ever was an issue with my son, the teachers would let me know in a courteous and professional manner. I highly recommend sending a child ages 1-4 to this center.